Growing Stronger Together

STRENGTH IN THE CITY a festival like no other. We bring together fitness, wellness, community, and local engagement for events you’ll never forget. Join us in Chicago, Denver and San Diego this year!

Our Mission

To transform communities through a commitment to working — and working out — together. STRENGTH IN THE CITY strives to connect individuals and brands through inspiring fitness events that demonstrate the power of strength, wellness, and community.

What We Believe

Strengthening communities begins by strengthening individuals. STRENGTH IN THE CITY is founded on the idea that living a healthy lifestyle improves yourself and the world around you.

What We Do

STRENGTH IN THE CITY hosts experiential festivals and events that bring together fitness enthusiasts, expert trainers, and brands who love to give back. Our events educate, invigorate and leave a positive impact.

About Our Events

Burning calories has never looked so good. From HIIT workouts with top trainers to relaxing yoga sessions, STRENGTH IN THE CITY provides a fun and sweaty experience for all ages and lifestyles.

Who’s Invited

Everyone! STRENGTH IN THE CITY focus on the values of accessibility, positivity, and inclusivity. Our events are designed to entertain and challenge participants no matter age, fitness level or physical ability.

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